Kraton Mamba Monster 2 Upgrade Problems


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Hey guys, I just recieved my MM2 ESC last night and was super excited. Soldered in my series battery connectors in the right polarity. Didnt know which motor leads go where but manual says not a big deal and youll figure it out.

My problem is, I am running the atx100 transmitter that came with the kraton, and it will not connect to the MM2. I have no idea why. I tried what the manual said in reversing the st and th. Tried playing with the trim and end points and nothing. The esc will not acknowledge the transmitter or reciever.
I am holding down the throttle full speed before turning on the esc, and it just flashes green and makes no sounds. Help please.

Thanks, Cory
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This may be a question you will have to ask on the Castle forums. Shouldn't matter how the motor leads are plugged in with a brushless motor; if direction ends up reversed, simply switch 2 of the leads. Some basic questions I have, is the BEC lead plugged in correctly and are you getting power to the receiver and servo? Have you set the ESC endpoints (not the radio endpoints) (refer to Castle manual)? The last time I worked with a Castle ESC, it had quite a few settings to tweak with. You may have to find someone who is currently familiar with Castle.

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