Kraton MBX7 body users?

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i just ordered this body for my Kraton roller. Anyone using this body? Does the top cage still work? My roller I purchased didn't come with the top cage.
I don't use the cage with any body. This is my Mugen body, the cage doesn't fit but the body is reinforced.



If you put in a center brace you can just put a foam block between it and the roof of the body. I did that with my Slash for a while on the Baja Bug body....Now....I just cave it in...then punch it out. It takes it. It doesn't cave in very often.

Your roller is more than likely a V1 Kraton....not a V2. It may have the old front bearing blocks that didn't do so well. You may want to change them out to V2 with Avid bearings. If you don't use a chassis brace/ have to make the body mount holes a little elongated to allow the chassis to flex....if you don't, it rips up the body pretty fast from jumping and flexing.
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By the looks of the pictures on that link....that's a V1 Kraton. I didn't see any detailed description saying it was a V2. Sometimes people sell stuff with older pictures but they have newer versions ? I had to contact my seller to confirm I was getting a V2. The pictures are saying V1 to me. It's still going to be cool. Look into the front bearing issue on the V1 just incase. You could just change out a few minor parts to avoid the issue. Then it's all good and updated.

Here is a link to a V2 on E-bay. Look at the red 17mm drive hubs and the size of the bearing blocks in the front. They are different. And these are different sellers on E-bay.
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Its from a chop house, looking at the new rear wing, and instruction manual, should be a v2. I don't think theirs any v1's left to part out.
I can't stand when a seller has the wrong picture or a generic picture on a sale of an item. That's probably the case here. I passed on a few rollers because the pictures looked like a V1.

I wish I could get every RC car as a new roller. That's the way to go.
I been wanting a Kraton in my collection for a while now,,,I sold my RC8Te, so been missing the truggy bash.
I feel it's a good choice when going from the ground up on it. Keep us posted.
Seller confirmed its a V1, owell, the V2 manual threw me a curve. I just ordered the RPM wing mount. I'll replace everything else as it breaks.
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