Mega fury questions

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Arrma RC's
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Hey everyone, new to RC hobby and am looking for a few suggestions/recommendations. I primarily run my fury on a hard dirt/clay short course track. Course is hard in spots and has loose dirt in other areas.

My fury is all stock right now except for 5000 mah 2s lipo battery. looking for suggestions on improving steering, spinning out.

Tire suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Found these duratrax tires....any thoughts?

I run on hard dirt short course with loose dirt in corners.

Looks like they are 41mm by 108 mm. The stock sidewinders are 48mm by 111 I believe....Any thoughts feedback would be appreciated
Which ones are you specifically looking at? They are supposedly pretty good, haven't owned them myself but I've heard good things (mostly about the lockups) just check which ones fit the "Arrma fury" and if you wanted to look for something else too, slash 4x4 (not 2x4) will fit the fury good luck man!
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