Mega V3 budget brushless upgrade advice.


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Granite Mega V3 brushless upgrade advice....

I have poured through the boards, but I am getting confused with all the opinions on top of the difference between the V2-V3 versions.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish, all advice welcome.

I would like to keep the setup under $100, preferably lower lol.

I need a Motor and ESC that will be comfortable running 2s and 3s. That will just bolt in without changing anything else. I am still very new to this.

Performance wise #1: I would like longer runtimes without over heating, and #2: a little more speed would be nice.

Thank you in advance everyone.


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Get a motor from rc juice on eBay I have the hobbystar 3670 3050kv it runs good on 3s you could go a little lower on kv and just up the gearing a little bit. And the esc I would go with is a blx 100 it’s what comes stock on the 3s line. Just go online to Jenny’s rc and get it there and use coupon code jrc and get 5 percent off. That’s what I did, As far as mounting not sure if the mega motor mount would work with a brushless setup. Motor is around 40 bucks and esc is about 50 bucks. Should be within your budget. You could also get a surpass hobby motor and esc combo for and 40 bucks just takes for ever because it’s coming from China.