Granite Metal spur gear and slipper pad

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If it is slipping that bad I would hold the spur gear in place while trying to rotate the rear tires (both together). Just to try and get at where the slipping is occurring.

Check those axles too and the pins under the sun gears. đź‘Ť

This is an odd one if it's not the the slipper that is messed up.
Well, I tested the slipper plates. One side on the inboard plate was glazed. Flipped it over and put it to the front, it seems to be fine. Faster than before. That was my goal. Now have to see if it holds. Will test later this evening. I will let my boy have at it. Also have a new set of slipper plates coming. Will also invest in extra slipper pads. Have to get this stuff before all stock is gone. Will have to build up a parts reserve. I feel replacement of the slipper plates should be routine maintenance. Or may just break the glaze with very fine sandpaper. Not sure about that yet, but will test it out one day.
Sand off the glaze until the pad is two thin. Then double up the used ones, maybe glue them together. Other companies that make the same shape pads might fit or little modification.