Metal Transmission for Granite Mega

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Hello. I am considering upgrading my granite mega to a sidewinder sct motor. I keep reading that the plastic transmission won't be able to handle a brushless motor.

However I don't see anyone recomendending a solution. If there is a metal transmission that should be installed can you please link to a place I can buy it? Thanks
I do not know. Can I?

If so, can you point me to where I can buy it?

I'm not sure on what pets are cross compatible. For example I have heard that the aluminum heat plate from the blx is not compatible with the mega.
I suspect you will buy some other stuff to, to make it work...But perhaps the greater minds on this forum can help you out...I am still a novice...o_O
I buy most of my stuff from this place.... ...They have the stuff in pretty nice categories But I don't know where you live...;) ...So give me a hint...And perhaps I, or somebody else, will have a suggestion in to where to get the stuff you need...
No, he needs the metal (BLX) gears en differential for the gearbox.

I am not sure if there is a complete set available.

However in your quick start guide it must be mentioned with order number somewhere in the back
I been looking for awhile.....
Found no transmission "kit" but did find the metal outdrives metal diff case metal idele gear. The 2014 mega granites have metal input shafts so the hard part will be the metal input gear. Also you will have some trouble finding the metal motor plate's gearbox partner. You may need to grind down a new one.
You will alao find that you'll have a little trouble with the correct spur and pinion too probably. That will be a lot of testing.

I have been running a 3900kv 4pole 120a esc on 3s 20c with stock mega 15/87 gearing and have had only 1 issue with the transmission when i first started running 3s (was wheelying too much too hard) just had it rebuilt with the warrenty and now its been running for 4 months and no issues (both wheels still spin smooth when turned) i did strip a spur but that was more human error.

The 48p spur and pinion is a bit weak under all the power but not terrible. Eventually ill want to try to coerice my lhs workers into helping me find a 32p spur and pinion. Every attempt has ended in them expressing that there is really not any other option but the blx 32p gears and stock.

Good luck on finding the metal input gear. The stock stuff is holding up over here
Thanks for taking the time to respond. At this point in leaning towards selling the truck and getting a brushless Ruckus. Id consider the BLX if it were $60 cheaper. I think Arrma is going to have a tough time staying relevant with their lack of part availability.
So I ended up getting a lightly used BLX for $220 and will sell the Mega. Decided for the price I'd be better off going that route. We will see if I regret staying with Arrma but for now I'm here to stay!
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