Mojave MEXB de Queso

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It seems Mojave EXB is starting to ship?. So I guess I’ll attempt a build thread?. Going to start with basics.
Starting with BLX185,BLX4074 2050 KV..(Will upgrade to Castle combo tentative) Hitec HS-7950th (will get promodeler DS470BLHV when available) Spektrum DX3/SR315(should be fine for my style and terrain). LOL... I just tried to purchase Vitavon silver wheels and they only had one set in stock so I will get as soon as possible along with Hyrax tires. HR 50mm monster blower motor cooling fan. Tbone mudguards.
Change of plans....putting in....

Hobbywing EZRun MAX6 V3 Sensorless Brushless ESC & Motor Combo w/4985SL (1650kV) PROMODELER DS630BLHV,Spektrum DX3/SR315​

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Just pulled the trigger on on Vitavon silver and Hyrax.



Promodeler won’t be available until December.
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Black ring for Vitavon? Didn’t see that available ?
Is the DS630blhv in a Mojave Exb? How is that working for you?
Looks freakin' awesome though! Hopefully they won't wear out quick.
They will be spending much more time on the ground than in the air . At $38 a pair I’m totally okay with replacing worn out’s the labor that’s the killer. Stock will always be readily on hand.
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