Mini Monster Truck FMS Max Smasher


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Anyone have one of these? Just got one today, pretty cute little guy. Added the high speed motor before ever turning it on. Pretty quick, rides forward or reverse wheelies really easy. Have a new wider set of jconcepts tires coming in, wheelie bar, and have all metal gears for main trans already, will add if the new motor kills the stock plastic gears.

Where'd you buy it from? I waited just about 3 months before I told them to refund my money.
Motion RC. I think I got lucky. Ordered it last Friday, next day they were out of stock. Said 10 available when I bought it, all gone in a few hours.
WOW!! Good to see someone else likes these enough to pick one up - my LHS has about 10 left in stock and I'm hoping to pick one up before they sell out like almost everywhere online is. I don't know what it is about this thing but I certainly want it to be my third RC car after being in the hobby a whole month, lol!! The mini (1/18, 1/24) genre really is picking up steam, I mean just within the last week Losi released their mini drag car, and Axial has another mini mega crawler they announced today! I love my 1/10 Granite but there are so many more places you can run the mini stuff!

You have a great start on your Max Smasher, any other plans for it? Would love to see pictures of that wheelie bar installed too!
So guess I am now building another mini monster. Lol.

Got some weighted wheel extenders for my Axial SCX24. Threw the stock FMS tires on it, looks awesome! Have extended body mount setup coming in this week to give her a body lift so I have tire clearance. Guess I need to look into a fast motor for this little rig now...need more than the crawler speed to be fun.

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Those look awesome! I have considered doing the same to my scx24 but I'd rather keep it crawler and start from scratch with the max smasher for a fun mini monster truck - unfortunately I wasn't able to get enough to get both the granite upgrades and the smasher so I went with the granite upgrades - just placed my Jenny's RC order.

Regarding the max smasher, in the words of the great Wayne (from Wayne's world) "She will be mine.... oh yes..... she will be mine."
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