mmx8s esc settings

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Yeah, there's no need to mess about with the timing. Timing adjustments are more of a tuning detail than anything else. Like if you're trying to shave a couple hundredths of a second off your 132ft ET, or drop the temp of your motor by a degree or two. Moreover, Castle ESCs have a kind of dynamic timing adjustment where the ESC will modulate the timing based on readings its getting from the motor. So you might set the timing advance to 10° or 12° but if the ESC doesn't think that it's a good idea, it'll just veto your setting on the fly.


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I have a1717 1650kv mmx8s combo in my talion exb has anyone change the Sensorless motor timing? I currently have it set to normal(10)
Definitely no need on a basher, your up and down on the throttle constantly..