Mojave 4S shock and differential oil weights?

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Arrma RC's
  1. Mojave 4s
I've got a Mojave 4S, great truck but the manuals are very lacking in info for serious RC peeps, I've searched around and didn't find the answer and HH support chat and email closed already.
What are the stock shock and differential oil weights?
Thanks, I recall someone saying 550 center diff, I'm going with 1 million there, leaving front and rears as they are for now.
550CST in shocks, need to top off all four of mine as they are all low but no leaks observed.
Arrma spec sheet says 500 center. Also says 20 for the shocks, but that has to be a mistake, it must be front and rear diffs. So I think it’s 20-500-20. Another thread says the same.

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