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I know some of you guys with Sentons have already done this, but for those who haven't, I highly recommend it. This pic is when it was all nice, it doesn't look this good now. Get some Granite tires/wheels from Jennys. Trim the wheel wells and put some moldings on to keep from cutting the tires. I used 3/16" automotive vacuum hose. Cut it, very carefully, lengthwise and super glue it on. I found it worked best to put the tubing in a vise, and cut towards you while holding the other end with a gloved hand. Be careful. If you slip, the only good thing is a razor cut doesn't leave a scar,-- usually. With a 15t pinion and a 3s batt, 50c or better, the thing is crazy fast. I raced a buddy with a Xmax, and I was faster. I was pulling wheelies going downhill! You can have 2 bodies, one cut out and one stock. Of course, you can run the stock tires/wheels on the cut-out body, but it looks like a lifted truck with the stock wheels!
Looks really good! I'm already running a 15 tooth and just slightly trimmed the corners of the body and had no rubbing issues but your running a lot larger tires. Looks sweet though! Nice tip! I never got the tx off 75% yet. Stupid fast!
I saw one 2 years ago and that’s what made me do my Tekno SCT monster truck. He was running on 3S and I was shocked how fast it was.nice job on the body looks great.
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