Motor cables can be inverted?

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Talking with some hobby enthusiasts, they told me that if you notice that your car has more power reverse than forward, then you can invert the motor cables and drive it that way. A guy driving an HPI Blitz have done this way an it´s car is really fast. Is there any chance to screw the motor?.

Cobi RC
Brushed or brushless? And how would you use a backwards spinning motor to get a forward moving car?? This sounds like crazy talk to me.
I did a little search and found something called, reverse rotation. Here´s how
No argument on getting the motor to spin backwards. That is as easy as shown in the video, brushed or brushless. The question is if it has any chance of increasing performance? And if so, how do you make a backward spinning motor move your car forward?? Unless I am missing something, you would have to somehow modify the gearing (another idler?) or flip the motor over so the shaft points to the opposite side of the vehicle. Not exactly an easy thing to do in either case. Crazy talk I tells ya! :confused:
If you switch any 2 wires in a sensor-less brush-less system it will simply reverse the engine direction.

You only gain performance if your reverse setting limits the power.
for example if you have your reverse programmed at %25 and the motor is spinning the wrong way, you will only get %25 forward acceleration. swapping two wires on the motor will correct the direction and give you %100 forward throttle back.
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