Motor & Esc connectors?

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Hey, y'all!
I recently ordered a leopard motor and it looks as though it may have 4mm bullet connectors. The specs on the arrma granite blx Esc, are 3.5mm.
Can I change the 3.5mm connectors on the Esc to the 4mm, or will this cause problems? Or for warranty sake, can I change the 4mm bullet connectors on the motor over to 3.5mm?
Thanks in advance....

Well, I assume it's okay to do, being that Tower Hobbies has 3.5mm to 4mm & 4mm to 3.5mm adapters. Specifically for motor to esc usage. I've read that it's not good to run connectors/adapters from esc to battery, hopefully this will not cause problems.
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Thanks, WoodiE!
I was concerned about, burning something up, or melting wires on both esc and motor. Pulling or pushing too many volts or amps?
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