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Arrma RC's
Hello all. So I recently purchased an Arrma Kraton roller and I have decided to run it on 5s as a happy medium between speed and temperatures. I would like to get a Castle brushless motor, but can't decide what KV to get. Cooler temperatures are priority over speed, so what is your recommendation? I don't want to go any bigger than 1600kv, so anything from 1600kv to 2400kv is what I'm looking at now. Thanks in advance!
I run the Mamba Monster X with the Castle 2200KV on 6S and it does well with heat for the size. It's a 4 pole with plenty of torque and speed. I do run a fan and heat sink on 6S and the setup has a hard time reaching 140 F with a 12 tooth pinion. It's plenty fast !!!! That setup works well on 4S, 5S and 6S. You just have to gear it properly and on 6S, you might need some cooling. Without my fan and heat sink... I can get it up near 180 F with a 12 tooth but it takes a while. 5S should be much cooler. With 5S...I don't see many battery options but they are out there. Look into the Max Amps 5S battery and their battery tray metal insert. (expensive but nice) Pair that with a Castle Mamba Monster X,, the data link and a 2200KV motor.....that thing should run real nice and decent temps. Note: the Castle motor does not bolt in very has smaller screws than stock. You could find the stock motor for super cheap and pair that with a nice ESC on 5S and gear it up....It will bolt up very easy. You just need 6.5mm bullet connectors to wire it to a Castle Mamba ESC and some silicon wire. The stock motor should rip nice on 5S...maybe a 15 or 16 tooth pinion on it.
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I agree, get a stock motor. I run stock motor, and mamba monster 2, and it rips. I also run 5s.
I love these batteries, and have them for my XMaxx and losixxl2e and Kraton.


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RC Juice is a great place to get stuff from. Those look like perfect 5S packs.....I like the numbers on those hard cases. How was the price Trout....if you don't mind me asking.
Don't remember, less than 100$ each. Best 5s packs I could find. On a side note, I bought 8000mah hard case 100c packs for my XMaxx from them, and they are amazing. I love these batteries.
A lower KV Motor will be more effencent. I use 1400kv to 1600kv motors in all my 1/8 MT's. Rule of thumb

1600kv = 6s
2000kv = 5s (stock)
2200kv = 4s
Unless you have a very efficient high quality can run a 2200KV on 6S no problem with heat but weight and big tires start to heat things up. A Castle 2200KV is decent but the Poseidon 2200KV will do 6S way better I would say. But they can be a bit costly and not needed. The motors coils will not over saturate and will not heat up bad. Not all motors are created equally but they are not as available and cost more. That KV rule of thumb is very good to follow. I follow that also. So 5S with a stock 2050KV should be nice. Speed runs are a different story.

I'm going with the stock motor now and 5S because I have the motor and never tried it....I did have plans to just work on 6S but I turned around on that idea. It just starts to get heavier and my driving style/area doesn't call for it. I'm not using full throttle's better to get into the full throttle at your driving spot. The ESC is happier opened up than at 50% and under most the time.

I can't wait to try my 5S's probably going to be all around better.

I'll save the 6S for speed runs on the pavement. I noticed the data logger readings are much happier on pavement speed runs with go off road and bash it... the readings in the data logger look a little angry off road. With my motor. It's doable but I'm dropping to 5S myself.

I'll revisit the 6S later with a much lower KV.
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