Motor Mount Heat Sink

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Hello, I'm new around here and to RC. I've picked up a used Arrma Mega and have been trying to upgrade it since we've broken it a few times since Christmas. One of the upgrades I'm trying to put on is the aluminum motor mount heat sink. Although my model doesn't seem to accept it now that I've taken it apart.

In my research it seems they changed things up year to year, but I don't see anything that says any year doesn't accept this motor mount heat sink. I have one big plastic piece that doesn't seem replaceable.

Am I just not taking it apart enough or is my model some version that can't take it?

Can you help ID my model and shed some light on these problems? Here are images of my granite:
The 2014 MEGA and BLS models don't accept the aluminum motor mount. It will fix on the 2013 models and the 2014 BLX models.

What have you broken? Are you trying to replace the motor mount for bling or because you broke something back there? The pictures look ok, nothing broken in that area.

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Thanks! So I have the 2014 Mega? Ok so I'll return this heat sink.

No didn't break anything back there yet. We've broken the front chasis, top and bottom plates twice, so I order the aluminum version online and just kept adding any aluminum parts I could find. The shock tower, or various connectors, have busted 3 times. I also ordered a bumper from some site I found on these forums. I am very tired of these plastic parts that break so much.
Oh that is interesting, yes cold Utah. And yeah! That's the bumper I ordered. Thanks.
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