Motor overheating

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Hey guys, just wondering what I can do to help my temperature situation. I'm running a granite mega brushed. I've already burned out my stock motor after about 15 runs (after motor was broken in) and the motor always ran really hot to where I can't even touch it. I thought it was just a bad motor but I threw in a reedy 17t, broke it in as well and after about 3 minutes of light running on flat pavement it's doing the same.

Is there something I can do to help keep the motor cool? The whole motor area just seems really enclosed to where it traps the heat. Otherwise, do you think there's something wrong with my ESC or something?
Stock gearing. 15t and like 85 or 87? Not sure what but it's stock. Would lower gearing help that much with heat? Or is there a way to open up the plastic around the motor or something to put a heat sink in there?
So I ran it tonight on the stock NIMH battery for about 8 minutes and still about burned myself, is there a chance that something is wrong with the ESC or is it just the massive tires of the granite putting too much stress on the motors?
Did you break in the motor, it seems to help for the durability of brushed motors. I'm don't think it will help to lower the temperature but you can give it a try.
A cheap option is buying a cooling fan for your motor can.
You can find these in many RC car shops.

A brushed motor is much less efficient than a brushed. So all that inefficiency ends up as heat.

That said, a good brushed motor (recognizable by it's replaceable brushes mounted on the end plate outside the motor can) will be much more efficient than those closed can cheap motors.

However, they are not cheap, and considering to upgrade to a cheap brushless set might give you more pleasure for a bit larger investment.

I burned two stock Arrma 15t cans within two runs each due to the fact I used lipo's. The extra power they can deliver compared with ni-mh just heat up the brushes so badly that they just burn away.
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