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Hey guys, i enjoy my 6s Beast since 2 weeks and i really like it since its my first „onroad“.
So far so Good i hate cleaning this thing. The whole Chassis is wet and dirty.
Does any of you tried out these „Motor Shrouds“ from dusty motors?
I‘m concerned the Electric will get too hot.

Ty and have a good one
Tried the Dusty motors covers. I felt they suck. Got them for 4 rigs. One of them burned up from a spark just connecting the Lipo pack. Like a flash fire. Nylon is very flammable I guess. Never seen this happen before by anyone else. I stopped using them, mosty becuase they are cumbersome, and all still gets wet. Yes things will get hotter for sure. I just avoid the wet and muddy stuff now. I don't feel ESC's and motors and the electrics are perfectly WP at all. Been there. I keep my bashers dry. A bit of mud is not tragic. I also don't like spending alot of time cleaning. Not Fun. If RC is not fun for me I am doing something wrong.
I see many who make their rigs pristine after every single dirty run. Spending hours, all to get it muddy and wet the very next run again. A futile effort of time.
I don't mind my rigs a bit dirty. Over cleaning them can be a bad thing also, depending how you do it. I have fried many esc's when they get wet. Despite them claimed to be WP. My ESC's, Motors and BB's last way longer now.
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