Raider Mounting a truck body on a Raider XL Mega

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I own a Raider 1/8 XL Mega and want to mount a Truck body. Does anybody have any ideas what Arrma mounting posts that would fit from another model without a lot of modification ? I can find a body
I've looked into it and the only other arrma model that shares the same LWB chassis is the Fury. If you look in the manual you should see the parts for the Fury that you don't have that will work!
Great thanks, will check it out

Actually I looked again and it looks like the body posts for both the Granite (AR320156) and the Vorteks (AR320073) will be very easy fits (and cheap as it's only those parts you need) if you would like to put that style of body on your Raider.

Otherwise if you want to go down the Fury style you would probably need to look into a few other things like the front and rear bumpers and then front and rear body posts.

Personally I think I might end up getting the body mounts for both the granite and vorteks and just see what I can achieve out of it seeing as it's only two relatively cheap parts I'll need to get.
I'm check the granite and vortex too. Arrma must have some kind of interchange somewhere.
Check Amazon. I bought the whole front and rear body mounts, shock towers etc for $27. Then the complete bumpers set for $23. Body is expensive though

But I decided to just get an SC Truck though. Ordered an SC10.
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