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I've had my Nero for about 2 months now and it's been a lot of fun. It's been a challenge to learn how it behaves when in the air or going through trails. About a week after I got the Nero with no diff brain I had came home from work and my son and I were out playing with our cars in the dark with street lights and well at about 50 mph I miss judged the distance between my car and the mailbox. To my surprise the only things that broke were the upper A arm both push rod ends and rod end for my steering. Since then I've cracked a rim ripped 2 of my tires and glued back together and just yesterday ripped 1 of them again to the point it is non repairable. So last night I ordered 4 proline trenchers on dersperado wheels. I will also be ordering some extended wheel hexs. I have tore the center diff apart and fixed it to be locked and what a difference it makes to keep the front tires from ballooning so much. My son has a Helion volition short course truck that I'm building up. It started as a brushed Titan 550 12t motor and when I'm done I'm putting a reaktor 3500kv 3s brushless motor and esc in it locking the rear for possi track and hopefully upgrade the chassis to something better than it is I will add pics later. I think I'm gonna possibly get my little guy a senton cause he really like the short course trucks.