Kraton My 1st Kraton 6s EXB Build


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This is my very first arrma product, Im slowly getting it there, still waiting for motor and esc to get here, I decided to go with a Max6 1650kv, I'm not a big fan of aluminum shock towers so I went with carbon fiber towers, carbon fiber top plate, carbon fiber steering ackerman and long center chassis brace all from the basherqueen, and I replaced the front and rear carriers with hot racing aluminum ones and also top center diff plate and the front and rear chassis braces from hot racing. I wish it wasnt expensive to have stuff anodized, I would like to change the red to blue anodize (blues my favorite color) and I want to get another body a clear one so I can paint my own design on it. I also ordered the shim kit to convert the lsd diffs over to open diffs, just in case the center diff still gives me issues, for anyone wondering I posted a thread about my center diff being messed up straight out of the box. Does anyone feel like the factory arrma tires and wheels that come on this kraton feel really heavy? I take them off and it feels like I took off 5lbs off the truck. I also read about these new belted tires now (new to me) are they really heavy? Ive read where some say they are and some say they arent, I haven't touched one yet so I don't know. If anyone see's Im missing something or you have a suggestion thatn can either lighten it some more or beef it up in any areas I missed that needs it please Im all ears. I'll post more as my stuff I ordered gets here and I get it installed.



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Edit nevermind on the ackerman lol. Looks like you got it covered. With the belted tires it depends some belted tires are skinnier and do weigh less and others are same size and belts add weight so just have to compare and look around