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Hi everyone, I thought it was time I posted a bit about my Arrma machine. The changes and upgrades have been coming thick and fast recently, in no particular order these are:-

Removed all body & wing stickers.
14t pinion installed.
Outcast wheelie bar.
Tekno orange springs front and rear (tried Kyosho 95mm blue at rear but didn't like them.
DE Racing rear mudguards (very good fit)
Red shock socks.
Changed shock oil f & r
RPM front bumper / skid plate (looks awesome!)
Pro Line 11 spoke wheels & Blockade 3.8s.
Full set of Avid bearings (most of them fitted).

T Bone rear bumper & Hot Racing chassis braces due any day now and GKA servo mount just ordered today. Ordered one of the JX servos from Banggood to see what it's like, will go for a Savox 1210 if I'm disappointed.

Next job is to shim the diffs / change diff oil and install the rest of the bearings while it's opened up.

I'll take some photos soon for anyone who's interested. :)


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What mudguards are you using? I'd be interested in the part # if possible.

I had the same impression of the RPM bumper and skid plate too, just looks like it belongs on there.......... unlike other brands that remind me of oversized shoe horns..............