Kraton My first 1/8 Truck

Most Durable

  • Nero

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • Kraton

    Votes: 19 86.4%
  • XXL2E

    Votes: 1 4.5%

  • Total voters
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So I'm buying my first big RC truck this weekend and I have poured over the internet trying to decide which one is my best option. Durability is my main issue in the end and I would like to know what you all think. I've narrowed it down to the Nero, Kraton and Losi XXL2E.
Get a Kraton roller on EBay. Add the electronics , tires, etc that you want. A Kraton with some quality electronics is awesome. You can find just the chassis sometimes. Or chassis with the body.

It's a lot of work but the Kraton chassis is so simple. It's cut and dry for building an unreal 6S machine.
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Vanning nailed it. The Kraton wins hands down. It's the lightest, simplest, and has the attention of some aftermarket manufacturers. I had the Nero... It's now gone. The Kraton is still number one in my collection. It's also the cheapest! Buy yourself some good lipos and a charger with it and don't look back.
Get the Kraton, I own a Nero, Kraton and a Talion. I now leave the Nero parked and mostly run my Talion and Kraton.
I agree with everyone. Get the Kraton. I have a couple of Kratons and a Nero, Big Rock, and Fazon. I find myself running the Kratons way more. I have one Kraton stock that I run on 6s and the other one is a roller that I put a Nero 200 blx system in it that has big tires and I run on 4s. The Kratons are such beasts that the only thing I have broken so far are a wing mount a a wing. I beat the snot out of them. The Neros I also love running but they are so heavy that I end up breaking something small on them. They are fast as hell and stablebut if I want to jump and not worry about anything I take the Kratons out. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the advice, I'm going with the Kraton. I like the looks of it better anyway.