My first Arrma RCas

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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
  2. Granite
My first Arrma RC, a 2014-spec red and white Granite Mega, was a birthday gift from my buddy Dan, but it didn't take long for my son to take it over. He now has his own Fury, but that's another story. Here is what we've done to the Granite Mega:
T-Bone bumpers added front and rear
Burned out original motor replaced with another Arrma OEM brushed 540/15T
Steering servo replaced with a new house brand, waterproof with metal gears
Front suspension brace replaced, front body mount replaced.
Onyx LiPo 2s 5000mA battery
Silver Aluminium Granite BLX side frame rails installed
Eight-spoke wheels with hooked-V treads for traction in the snow
Fast Eddie Bearings (only wheel bearings replaced)
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Here is a shot of the Granite Mega; yes, I realize the tires are on backwards, but they actually get better traction in the snow this way, or at least the snow we get around here. I would probably reverse them for mud. I "upgraded" my Granite BLX with STRC side-frames (and a few other billet parts), so I moved the plain ones to the Mega, along with the front cross-brace, which helps with hard cornering. This combo works great in the snow; the BLX (with the same tires) is a lot harder to control and not nearly as much fun, unless you count spraying my wife with the rooster tails!
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My son's 2014 spec Fury Mega:
Red ARRMA #AR320175 LWB aluminium side frame rails installed. These rails are for the Fury according to Arrma tech support, but they did not fit around the battery door pin, so I used the dremel to make a minor adjustment for a better fit
Burned out original motor replaced with another Arrma OEM brushed 540/15T
Front suspension aluminium brace added
Onyx LiPo 2s 5000mA battery
Body pads
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