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Around 8 or 9 months ago I wanted to get a 2WD SCT and because I like to run something different then anyone else I race with I bought an Arrma Fury Mega. Before I walked out the door I pulled the stock ESC and motor and upgraded it with a Castle Sidewinder SCT, replaced the servo with a Savox (don't remember what model I got) and a Spectrum receiver.
Over time I replaced the plastic gears in the gearbox with metal gears, rebuilt the diff with metal gears and 125K Team Losi diff oil, added the Aluminum side plates, skid plate and front tower brace.
On the front I'm using Pro-line Street Fighter SCT tires with 60W Team Associated shock fluid. In the rear I'm using Sweep Racing belted Road Crusher monster truck wheels, Traxxas 17mm hexes, 45W Team Associated shock fluid and a wheelie bar. I wanted to go lighter on the shock fluid but that's what I had enough of at the time.
Right now I'm running a 28 tooth pinion with a 46 tooth spot gear (if I remember right). I have a Hemi Cuda body that I ran in a VTA type class cut up to fit on the Fury.

I run my Fury hard and am not gentle with it at all. Before I put the Sweep Racing tires on in the back, I was using Pro-line 1\10 monster truck tires. With those tires on there it would pull wheelies all the time and usually flip over even with the wheelie bar on there. My truck does one thing good, go fast in a straight line. Stopping or turning doesn't come easy but it sure is fun to bash around with. I haven't good any major things break on me, just small cheap bits.

On the to-do list i need to make adjustable front dealies (can't think of the actual name for the part), get new suspension and I want to either drop a few teeth on the spur gear or add a few teeth on the pinion.

20160603_211447.jpg 20160603_211509.jpg 20160603_211526.jpg 20160603_213224.jpg
i need to make adjustable front dealies

Can you show us a picture or better description of these "dealies"?

Are they like "thingies" or "doodads"? Or perhaps they are similar to "whatchamabobs"? :)
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