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Hey people,
After a crash, my Kraton is up and running again.
Time for some setup changes:

The shocks will get new oil, i choose for 500cst oil from Hudy.
I drive the kraton most of the time on the road and on grass. I don't do jumps, only very small ones rarebly.
Thats why i chose the thinner shockoil.

The diffs will get cleaned up and i will fill them with:

Hudy 500k cst centrediff and Hudy 100k front and rear diff.

The springs i will change with the mt4 springs in the coming weeks as they are a bit longer and fitt perfectly.

Does anyone have experience with this diff setup? I never used it before, so im curious.

If this is 1/8th scale,then for running on high grip surfaces,with little or no jumps,then might I suggest,( I see that your diff oil grades differ quite a bit from ours in the UK),from front to rear,7K;10K;5k. These ratios are taken from a competition set up used by Kyosho for their old MP777 nitro buggy,but they work very well. I think that your oils equate to our 5k and 1k.
Tnx for your awnser, but no they don't.
Its indeed 500k and 100k cst.
Funny thing is the more people i find with this thick oil setup, they all are very happy with it.
I received the oils and will put them in in the near future. Offcourse i will report back with the results
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