Outcast My Outcast is here!

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Had it on back order from Tower Hobbies for about 3 weeks.
It seems like they fixed the bolts sticking in to the battery compartment.
They may have fixed the servo mount. Mine does not move much at all.
I already have the aluminum mount from GKA so will install it.
Ran my Outcast for a few minutes tonight (it was awesome)!
I'm going to shim the diffs and check it all out before I run it again.
Thanks to everyone on the forum that talked me into this beast!!!
Congrats! Took mine for it's first run today too. Same impressions as you..love it!!!

Is their a thread that talks about the diff shimming?
The shims he used appear to be no longer avaliable, part #td310475. What's everyone using now?
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