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My new (to me) Arrma Talion.


Thank you for asking:) Thanks to the beautiful weather :rolleyes: we have been experiencing and work, I have only ran it a few times. Being my first 1:8 scale, I only have 2S batteries to pair up for 4S runs. It moves really fast on 4S. I will be ordering up some 6S power for it in the very near future but learning to drive it on 4S is the plan for now. It jumps so smooth and runs through grass like butter. Big improvement from 1:10 scale for sure. I don't care for the tires/wheels that the previous owner put on it. I have another thread on here about some tire/wheel options I am looking at.
All in all, I am impressed with the Talion. Looks like Arrma has hit a home run with the big trucks.
Good deal on running it on 4S for now.

I did about the same but running only one 2S to first if nothing was binding. I usually do a complete teardown before the truck is ran, bit could not resist the temptation and wanted to test assembly and its handling out of the box.

I am very impressed, one of the few RC that without doing any wrenching at all, put some batteries, slap the body, minor steering trim its all it took. Handled very well. I wish the chassis was more stylish countersunk and more time dedicated to the final product of the tower finish, but thats a minor observation.
Most of the time I buy used RC, it was very difficult to find one in good condition at a good price. Most sellers want retail price and/or cut only a few bucks which is not worth it counting it is purchased as is.

Not sure how your setup is from the previous although it looks like he/she did not do much. On mine the diffs are too light, all three, in a few days open them up and add heavier weight.

Its an improvement over 1:10, I see it each class has its pros and cons, I got a Blackout Pro, not a real speed freak, have it dialed to handle pretty much everything and does look realistic like a SC truck, did a few things for it to move more like a truck and not too light that it bounces too much.
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