My wife gave me the best Christmas present EVVVARR!

Sorry to hear that! Hang in there! Getting covid was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It woke me up....retired 2 years earlier than planned. No regrets! Get well soon and have a Merry Christmas anyway!
Getting Covid was great for me. Last Jan, two weeks off paid and I stopped drinking during the work week. Beer tasted like bananas and all I could taste in liquor was the sugar, so I quit for a few weeks I kept it up all year. Only drank during the week if it was a holiday or work event and plan to continue that way.
Yep, for Christmas, I received CoVid 19.

And I’m sicker than all hell. I just had the roughest night of my life - similar in pain (but not in nausea) to the last time I fought off food poisoning.

Wish me luck!
Nothing like getting sick for Christmas ... :( Never the present you want to unwrap and hopefully this doesn't wrap you up too much for the holidays. On the plus side, interacting on the forum can't get us sick, so come here if you've got a bit of the cabin fever!

Seriously though, I hope you make a speedy recovery.
@NorthernCrawlerado Sorry to hear you and the Mrs. got the whammy. We usually get sick for Thanksgiving or Christmas, this year it was Thanksgiving. Mrs.. Doom tested positive for Covid last week so we are doing the stay at home Christmas this year just to be safe even if she has no symptoms.
Yeah, it affects everyone differently. Finally got it last August. No fun.

Hang in there. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.
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