Need 2s battery for associated rc18t

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I have spent days trying to find a battery. I bought 2 batteries that don't fit. It should be mentioned this is the original version. Not the one with the belt drive if that matters.
These are to wide and to tall.

These are a 2 mm to wide
The battery tray right is about 100mm long x 31mm wide x 16 or 17mm tall. I can not for the life of me find a 2s battery with decent capacity that fits this. 1600 mah is already pretty low capacity but at this point im open to whatever battery i can i find that has any sort of decnt capacity. Of course if you own an rc18t please tell what battery you use
i cant believe i missed those. i wonder what else i missed. that last one is definitely to tall. the wire on that 1.6 looks a bit thin but not sure if it matters, i would cut those wires a little shorter and solder a deans on. the 1.5 looks like a good choice but i don't think i have bought a battery that actually measures how big it says it is, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, so im hesistant on that one.
I'm late to the party but I just bought these for mine, they fit real nice like.

your only late by a couple hours so right on time. i have looked at these before and for some reason wrote them off. maybe back then i was thinking 1500mah was to small but these look like a good option. post up a couple pics of your rc18t, i would love to see it and don't feel like joining an associated forum just to see pics of one.
I'm late to the party but I just bought these for mine, they fit real nice like.

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