Senton Need a good Battery & Charger

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Hey guys, I own a small 1/16 car so been looking to upgrade and thinking Senton is the way I want to go, I just need a few pointers on battery and chargers. Not sure if its best to do two 3s batteries or a single 6s. Also what brands do you all prefer, and on that note what would be a good charger that wont be super expensive (Hopefully no more than 100$ for the charger). Thanks for the help!
First, welcome to Arrma Forum @grant1120! 6s is going to be a beast and will easily tear things up. Starting out I think you'd be much better off going with 2x 3s LiPo's instead.

As for which battery and charger, I'd suggest checking out our Electronics forum as there are two threads that will be of great interest:
Recommend me a battery charger and What's your "budget" LiPo of choice?.
I have a Senton and I love it. I have ran it on 2x3s as well as 1x6s and didn't really notice any difference. I prefer 1x4s or 2x2s though as it is still a blast to drive but you don't wreck as much stuff. One thing I will recommend is when you get your Senton to take all four wheels off and slightly enlarge the round hole in the center of the rims as this gets really tight around the threaded portion of the hub.

Back on subject. I am guessing for $100 for a charger you will most likely get a dual battery charger and not a quad battery charger. So if you run 2x3s you will have 2 packs on the charger after one run versus 1 pack on the charger with 1x6s. So after two runs, totaling 4 batteries you will be waiting for charged batteries. I don't know how long you plan on driving at a time but just thought I would mention this in case you didn't think about it.
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