Typhon Need a typhon

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Have a losi lst xxl2e in mint condition! Used less then an hour. Brand new Proline Big Joe tires on proline f11 rims. Shimmed and upgraded pins in the diffs. Have 3 of every part to build 3 brand new diffs, including cups. Stock body wheels/tires are in great shape. Hobbywing max 6 esc with a Castle MM 2200kv motor. Also giving a brandnew hobbywing program box. Theres to mych to list.
I don't have one, just clarifying. Great deal. I love the gas version despite the trials getting it right. Typhon On sale at tower if you want to buy, as I'm sure you know. Good luck, I really considered adding Typhon for speed recently but decided to try Hobao SSE Cage Truggy 150amp only because I have Outcast and Nero and wanted to try something different. It won't get as fast as the Typhon. Good luck.
I started a 'conversation' (I guess that's the same as a message)... click on your name on the top right of the browser and click on Conversations and see if you can find it. I have a Typhon I'm interested in trading and working out a deal.


I would give all of this for a modded typhon. Speed goodies
Bought this truck on ebay. Selker renigged. Claimed he broke it moving.

Description copied from ebay below

Less then 2 battery cycles threw her. Shimmed and upgraded the pins in the diffs. Also bought 3 of every part to build 3 more diffs. This truck is amazing but, i want a buggy!

Please disregard previous message. I was mistaken. My apologies.
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