Kraton Need body ideas for 3rd XL

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So I finished my 3rd XL Kraton and I want to do a different body then a kraton (1st 2) so I know there’s a bunch of you that have XL kratons that ding use the ex body posts. I’d really like to use the support tower that the kratons comes with if anyone has that style please post pictures. I used a 4th dimension MMX8S ESC mount on this build (1st 2 I used Max6 1650kv combos) and one of the pop outs was in the way I had to dermal it off last picture.
Gorgeous build! As far as a shell, the TRIPLE G shell would look spectacular! Need to buy the family size box however to fit that long chassis.
Thanks, I was using spare parts I had laying around. That body fit without body extensions?

Thanks, You got a link or pictures? I’m not familiar with that body. Thanks
Oh no you definitely need extensions for that sadly. I missed the part where you didn't want to use them! my bad :ROFLMAO:
Can someone please help the guy out and post a link to my TRIPLE G shell. I'm pretty sure its what he's looking for, Thanks.
Try this thread:

Alternative Body Shells For Arrma Fireteam

I was going thru it for ideas for my FireTeam but decided to just go with the Kraton shell and the BQ rear tower extension that everyone does for now. If I supper-stretch one of my 3 Typhons, I think I am going to try a limitless body as @chilly81 did in post #18.

I got a Limitless body and only used the main part and Mojave side skirts. I chopped up the old fireteam parts for the front and rear bumper - although they don't add much strength to the actual bumper, I like the general look though. Definitely rough but something different. Also Jenny's keeps marking down the stock bodies... down to $109 for a black one. I grabbed one, might just grab another and just keeping using them at that price. I do like the looks of the stock body too.

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