Kraton Need help keeping the front end down

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I need help to keep the front end down anything over 1/2 throttle the front end starts to lift and the truck starts walking around and i don't feel like having to fix parts that break because of that. body shock towers and i had a batt fall out and started leaking. Destroyed a $120 battery. So i had to order two more. I run in pack so one goes i order two more.

The key to prevent wheeling is the shocks, you are going to have to experiment with the springs, pistons, and shock oil. Also try different diff fluids.
So your saying bigget pinion gear. Do you know where i can find a sub 40 spur gear. I don't want to sacrifice top end. After i reach 100 mph then ill start worring about heat. I'll tear up motors and esc to get there

It would seem that you have a decent budget in order to do this. What you could try is really thick diff oil 100K or higher in the rear and 10k in the front and center diffs. If I am not mistaken doing this should make it so more power will be transferred to the front.
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