Need to Replace Vorteks Servo; Suggestions welcome!

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Arrma RC's
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Beautiful AM in sunny AZ, perfect for some Vorteks bashing, a couple of up and backs to make sure everything's in good order, then off to the dirt mounds for some serious bashing. Jump the hill and come out of the landing belly up, the front wheels look like they're having an epileptic seizure.
  • Servo's stripped out.
  • Original part is the AR390133, $19.99
  • Upgrade is AR390136. $34.99
  • Is the AR390136 worth the $15 premium?
  • Or is there an aftermarket you'd rec?
Haven't started surgery on the Raider yet. Got a bit crazy on asphalt with the Anaconda's on the rear and tapped a curb pretty good, knocked out the alignment. Will need a deeper dive to see what's up there.
But all in all, it was still a good day.
Thanks again @BFH !
Today's Mail:
No problem! Mines still working perfect. Gonna hit the track again tomorrow with it.

I sure do like the idea of being able to replace the gears.
When I bust out the Arrma servo, I'm expecting to see some sheared off gears, since I could hear the motor but the steering moved like my buddy did when we were kids during his fake epileptic seizure.
Thx again @BFH , this time I am getting the Tactic TSX55, Ultra Torque, but this will go on my Rockslide.
I haven't bashed the crawler outside yet, so far, just sofa cushion/cardboard box crawling, tapped the side of the sofa and the servo died.
The TSX is in the basket, trigger to be pulled as soon as I double check on any other supplies to add in!
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