Needs tool list for the Kraton

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What's up Ladies and Gents. I know I may be asking a dumb question, so please be gentle. I have a garage full of tools, and I usually keep a bog of tools in each car, as well a set of basics in the office. I have every tool I could need for my RC cars, except they are not designed for tight environments. I would like to put together a tool set for my Kraton, which I assume will work for the DHK and Kyosho stuff I have too. So I want to buy a set of Hex Drivers or individuals of the right size. As well I would like a set of Nut Drivers or individuals of the right size. I figure I'll keep the but nut driver that came with it, for the wheels, but otherwise I want drivers.
Is there a printed list of the sizes of Hex and nuts that are standard on the Kraton? Or do one of you guys know off the top of your head?

And what size is the turnbuckle wrench I need?
I have a Turnigy set that was cheap - like $7 for 4 hex drivers. (mm) 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3. That covers everything on the Kraton, except for the pillow balls, I think that one is 5mm.

They don't sell my set anymore, but they do have them individule, for $0.50. Like I said, Cheap! One thing I realy like about these is the handles - they are 17mm HEX, so when you need extra torque, slide a tire wrench onto the end of the hex driver.

Here is the 1.5mm - from here you can get to the rest easy-

Note that these are pretty cheap, and after 6 months, the 1.5 and 2.5 are starting to round a bit. I am starting to buy MIP tools to replace them, but at $15 each, I am going slower.
Thank you very much. I order the sizes from your list and the list for the Tailon in the other thread. Once I get them I will post links providing the quality is sufficient.
Best hex tools set for KRATON MIPONLINE amazon $30. Won't regret it.


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Thank you, Santa said he would add some of those to my stocking.
For sure @WoodiE . I picked up most of that stuff last know....... when I last posted I this thread. ;)
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