Nero 6s receiver or ESC issues

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I’ve had my Nero 6s since the middle of December and I now have what I think to be either a receiver issue or ESC issue. All of a sudden I had no throttle or no steering. The following is the troubleshooting I’ve done so far with good fully charged batteries:

1. Power Tx on and then truck: result was ESC flash red once and green twice. Light on ESC then goes out completely.
2. With truck and Tx still on, I pressed and held the “set” button: ESC slowly flashes Orange or some shad or orange (3 flashes) and then two green flashes. Lights goes out after the two green flashes.
3. Checked voltage to receiver: 5.96V.
4. With everything powered off, I press and hold the bind button, switch on the ESC and the receiver LED never blinks.
5. I also reset the radio via method described in the manual (turn left, reverse and switch on).


1. put a servo tester to the ESC and check that you can set the endpoints.
If its working after that, the ESC is OK. I expect that will be OK.

2. Take a servo and power the RX with a separate battery or an other ESC than the BLX.
To be honest, I am afraid that the RX was died... Do you had any water into the battery box?

Receiver was fried! I took the same receiver out of my Granite BLX and tried it in the Nero and everything works great. I'm sending the fried receiver back for a replacement under warranty!!!
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