Nero 8s build!!!

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1600kv Leopard motor bl5 200amp 8s esc and a pair of 4s packs. Pretty sure I'm the first person to make a 8s nero.


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8s is truly carzytown - U upgrading the gears? What diff grease will u throw in? Im sure your good - just went thru upgrading a 4S MT truck to 6S and ran into problems with the gears and blew two diffs.

T-Bone Racing Front bumper arrived today. They make solid products. Was at Bruckner Hobbies today in the Bronx - picking up my 10 year olds HPI sprint2 Flux and ended up buying those ProLines - lil taller a LOT wider...90 bucks and had to re-glue them as they came apart after 2/3 balloonings. SO I have TBone wheelie Bar & front bumper, Pro Lines and will install the 277/0Z servo tonight.


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Man you got the best job in the world... lol wouldent even have to pay me to work there... id do it for free... i gotta look at the batteries... i want a 6s hardcase high mah and high "c" rateing... i got a smc 4s 6400mah 60c for 50 bux very gently used.
1600kv Leopard motor bl5 200amp 8s esc and a pair of 4s packs. Pretty sure I'm the first person to make a 8s nero.

That leopard fit in it fine? I want to do the same swap since i am bored with 6s already after a couple weeks owning the nero and still have another NIB yet to open i may return but with the factory tires being so cheaply made i am trying to figure out how to get 1/5 24mm hexes on it. I think the Integy HPI adapters may work (pin through) with some modifications or i may have to machine them myself. Ive ordered imex wheels if i cant figure out the wheel issue i will pass on the motor upgrade. I have no interest running street tires. Looking for water skipping, mud slinging power. Id like to skip across my pond, lol.
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