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Hello everyone, i got an Arrma Nero last week, it came with the diff upgrade and i am in the process of upgrading the diffs. Has anyone opened up the actual diff and swapped fluid out to heavier or is stock good with the lockers?

I have not cracked them open yet but while i have it all apart it will be easiest to do now... if you have opened them up are they full and what is stock weight? I was told the Kraton center would be dry from the factory so i immediately opened it up upon opening the box and it was full, i did clean it out and replace it with 50k never ran it before changing it but I'm happy with how it runs now, after finding the center full i decided that i would leave front and rear alone until i run it a bit and then decide what to do with them... as far as the Nero goes i am curious to others experiences with the state of the diffs out of the box as far as full, dry, half full ect... I'm new to Arrma so I'm curious and so far i have been more than impressed with how they are made and assembled