Kraton Nero/Fazon telescopic CVDs

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Hey guys, just ordered my Kraton . I was wondering if is it possible to use the Nero/Fazon telescopic CVDs in our rigs?
so far I know, no it is not matching. depends of it´s size.

Shame, that would be interesting since there's nothing like that aftermarket wise. If only MIP or Hot Racing would make those.
mmhmm, I mean that HotRacing makes such parts for Nero but not Kraton.
I am not sure but I can remember that an other guy tried to convert the Nero axles in this forum. But the did not fit.

Normally I would expect that it will be possible to convert the axles but I am sure, that is a lot of work and you have to modify all parts.
Afterwards you can do that all the time if one part will be broken.
I like to wrench and screw and glue, but I do more like to "play" with my RC´s. So I take care of wasted time! ;-)
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