NERO Front Bumper & Wheelie Bar & Camera mount


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New Rochelle, NY
Arrma RC's
Was at Bruckner Hobbies in the Bronx this AM and decided on some ProLine Super Swampers for $90. My D-Boot stockers ripped a inch long tear soon. I Threw the ProLines on and immediately was let down by the insane balloning. After about 5 minutes - BOTH front tires ripped and foam started coming out. Soon I glued them back. Very disappointing. I also have some Avalanche Wheels & Tires so I will try again tomorrow. I will wait until Im sure these Prolines will be OK and then will instal my CYS Servo 277/oz for these significantly larger paws.

Front Bumper & Wheelie Bar by T-Bone racing
ProLine Super Swampers 3.8
CYS S9120 Brushless Servo 277/oz


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