Nero Front Differential Sounds!

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links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. you are hearing the servo whining when is sitting still?...I wonder if the small servo is hanging up...meaning ...the little lever is bound up...I saw a YouTube video...where a guy was showing that the little differential servo arm actuator lever was out of was no longer riding in the groove...

I say...take it apart. ...there are vids showing step by step processes. ..

hold on...will find one...

Tomorrow I change the plastic cheap servo horn (Is broke in the second run), for the metal servo horn and let you know. Thanks for ask!!

You heard something about fill the Differential with 60k dif oil and the shocks with 6000??


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Will be sure to add that servo horn to my upgrades. ..

yeah..diff oil dragon has some similar views he posted in another thread... I am interested in trying some diff oil know...I am willing to do whatever makes the truck more crazy...

aussie rc playground talks about the suspension oil's...but I haven't done that yet either. ..

first mods I'm planning on is re routing the wires....from the "cheap mods" thread by nomoneyforrc..
..cause I really need that here is I will get started this eve...
Hi guys,

The OP was edited so I can't see the original problem. Might be familiar though.

Here's my problem...

On trying to lock the center diff on the big rock, it does not lock and there is a constant buzzing noise. When I go back to unlocked the buzzing noise disappears.
On the front diff, it locks and unlocks fine, but on unlocking it there is a small constant noise, like the end point is off. This goes away once turning the ESC off then on.

On the rear diff, there is no locking or unlocking, and sometimes there is a buzzing noise that is constant when I try to lock, and sometimes there is no noise at all and no movement.

I've read that it could be the diff brain module itself or the actual microservos?
Sure it can happens that the diff brain will be damaged.
If you have three other servos, you can check the board easy.
If the end-position of the servos are changing while switching the knob of the transmitter the board is broken.
Do you already adjust the diff brain board?


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I didn't adjust the diff brain board with those screws yet. I could try but I am not sure why the rear servo has no sound then.
The servo itself makes no working sound? So change just the plugs which are connected to the diff brain board.
If the board is damaged, the failure will change to the other servo. If the servo is damaged, the failure will keep at that servo.
I can happens that such servo will die, some other guys also had this issue.
Unsure what the reason for that, maybe brain board, Servo itself or mechanical blocking by the locking pins.
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