Nero motor fail!

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Nice day out today in SW PA. I had my Nero out doing some speed runs and it kicked up, then unresponsive to stop. I found that motor was kicked away from the transmision. Center diff turned okay, front and rear okay too. Adjusted gear mesh and truck didn't roll very well so I loosened the trans and tested the motor without load and she barely rotates and squeels like a pig. A little disappointed, havenen't even beat it yet, and less than 10 runs on it. Im sure the warranty will take care of it though. Anyone else have a motor fail?
Well that makes two of us for a Nero motor fail yesterday!!! I was blasting around the local pit, hit a couple small jumps and then a god awful sound and minimal movement. I most certainly thought the center diff broke. But upon teardown the center diff had eaten the small o-ring and gouged up both shims behind the planetary gears. The diff spun by hand but had a spot that had some drag. Now i test the motor, and bingo... its no good. It will spin, but not smooth at all. its got some bad noises and a good vibration. It almost feels\sounds like a real bad bearing or bushing...Arrma support here I come...Mike
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