Nero motor vs red BLX2050kv motor, new opinion.


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howdy gang -

Last fall, I jumped on the Tower sale and got a BLX200 and Nero motor for my son's Kraton. It had been running the stock V1 motor and BLX180 red ESC. Since then, I have seen, and answered several questions about the power difference between these motors - My answer has been - I am running same gearing (14t), and the KV is the same, so top speed is very close to the same. Acceleration is slightly better, Nero motor runs cool, V1 motor always ran hot (150f).

So fast forward to this weekend, My boy and I are RC'ing. I take his controller to check EPA's after fixing a steering issue - and I notice he has the remote set to his "track" profile - where I turned his throttle down to about 70% for control-ability on the track. Then it hits me - we have never run the Nero motor wide open - it has always been on this setting. I bump the profile over to Bash, and nail the throttle.


Yeah, that Nero motor has a HUGE amount of power, over the v1. Even on 4s. LOL As it should be...