Nero springs from HR?

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Arrma RC's
  1. BigRock 4x4
  2. Kraton 6s
  3. Nero
  4. Typhon 6s
Anyone ever tried any of the springs from hot racing? I see they offer a harder than stock and a couple of softer rates.
Nope, I do not need to change them. For my kind of driving the original suspension gives enough options to me.
Nope, I do not need to change them. For my kind of driving the original suspension gives enough options to me.
You keep it box stock without and adjustments? Mine seems to kick up i the rear.
...Hmm. till yet i just moved the shocks more inwards. I think the second hole. For different grounds I just use the high adjustment nut on the shocks. Thats it. Oh, and I mounted a homemade wheely bar and backlights. For lights in the front, I am waiting for ideas.
I have also don´t change the diff oil ore something else which I always had to do with my 1:10.
I love my BR! Never had a RC-car which was such a beast out of the box!!
I think before I have to change something with the suspension like springs, I would change the rockers, pins of them, and the push rod ends.
But I have no damage till yet, so I not need to modd them. Ok, maybe I am to old and soft to my car, but not have issues like the most other guys. ...Till Yet! *knock on wood*
LOL! I don't like to kill my stuff either and also have a good understanding of how it works being an auto tech for many years. Did you notice the nero frt bumper will except 5mm led lights? I am thinking about lights, but powered buy an auxillary battery though.
You are right, the Nero has holes in the bumper and 5mm LED´s are mountable, the Nero Big Rock has none, just a fake.
Bumper Nero vs. Big Rock are different.
For the backlights I already found an solution with 4 red led´s below the rear bumper. There are some holes which i used.
Like this:


Concerning wheely bar..
In one of my other cars I had a rear bumper with nearly the same shape like the TB-Wheely bar.
I removed it after a while, because I caught very often some long grass with the edges.
The original Arrma bar looks a little weak to me and was sold out in my area.
So I had done one by myself.
On the pict you can see the most lowest position...
Looks great, I am diggin the wheelie bar!
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