Nero steering servo upgrade?

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i want to upgrade from the stock servo since it seems kind of lacking. whats the best water proof servo you guys have used thats a direct fitment
I'm not sure is the servo, but i feel the Nero don't want to turn like my buggy Serpent Cobra at high speed. And I notice that the servo is not powerful enough to turn the wheel in stop. So, I'll probably upgrade for a most porwerfull servo. Any idea ? Save servo settings or tires ?
Took my Nero out today, steering was accually not bad. I tightened the servo saver prior to running. Don't know if it needs replacing or not
"I use the Savox 1270 TG - 367 oz/in at 6.0v"

Is it powerfull enough to turn the wheel in the stop ? On the stock servo, i can not.
“Hello just a question is this the Steering Servo. Does this replace this”
Awesome, I thought I’d never get a response.
Thank you

This is a pic of it in the vehicle

Awesome, I thought I’d never get a response.
Thank you

And this is the nut to adjust the Servo saver, the tighter it is the better the response of steering but to tight and you can tear up your Servo if you hit something

Sorry just realized this post is for the Nero. The pics I posted are from a kraton


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