Nero suspension erevo pistons

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I made this thread on the traxxas forum but that made them mad so I'll try to post it here. I bought the vdp kit for the erevo after all the suspension problems I've had and the traxxas worker guy saying that they are the same size. I was curious to know if there are any erevo guys on here that use this kit for big jumps and if so, how would I go about setting up my Nero for it.
The vdp kit is great man. My Erevo 2.0 set up is HR gold springs with no preload (shock collars threaded all the way up) AE 60w oil & the vdp #1 piston with valve on top.

Suspension is awesome, it’s still compliant on smaller stuff but handles big hard landings with ease. Literally a night & day different from stock.


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