Nero to Kraton shock caps

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So this will be my first attempt at a diy so bare with me. For those of us who have blown a shock cap in the Nero this is for you:

1. Purchase Kraton aluminum shock caps, part AR330204. These come in a set of 2, so 2 packages will be needed.

2. Purchase the Kraton composite shock part set, part AR330203. There are only 2 pieces that are really needed from this, but like the caps 2 packages need to be ordered. I don't know if the rod ends in this set can be used elsewhere, haven't looked into that yet.

3. To use the Kraton caps, we need to purchase the Kraton shock standoff set, part AR330232

4. The shock standoff's need to be cut basically in half, the only part we need is the ball end. Here they are together, (I had already cut them).

And here they are cut.

5. From the composite shock kit, we need the black plastic sleeve pictured in the second item. This will push into the Kraton shock cap, it only goes in on one side.

And pushed all the way in.

6. Push the ball end that was previously cut off into the other side of the Kraton shock cap.

And again pressed in fully.

7. From there I had purchased some rubber O rings from my local Ace Hardware. One O ring sat inside the Kraton Cap while the other sat around the threaded Nero collar. The ring inside the cap was 14 mm outer diameter by 2.5 mm thick. The number from Ace was 56214-N.
The other ring was 16 mm outer diameter by 2.5 mm thick. This one is tight around the Nero threads so it doesn't squish out too much once the cap is tightened. Part number 56237-B. I believe that both of these O rings are 2.5 mm think, but I cannot remember for sure.

8. Insert the O rings into the Kraton cap as well as around the shock threads.


9. Fill the shocks and bleed them. I chose to go the emulsion shock route since I was missing a bladder from the original Nero cap explosion. I filled 2 of the shocks with Losi 90WT oil, and topped off the other 2 with the 90WT. I noticed that the Nero oil seems to be thicker still than the 90WT as the two that were topped off are definitely more stiff that the other two. Here is how it sits with the setup back in the truck. I have not ran it yet as I am waiting for my ESC to arrive back from Arrma, but it looks good though. After the install I was compressing the suspension and saw a tab bit of fluid coming from the bleed hole on the Kraton cap, so I put a small dab of super glue over each hole to prevent further leaking. The shocks take a bit more muscle to get back into the inboard mounting area in the Nero as they are a tad bit thicker, but they will go in. The shocks feel great!
Hope this helps anyone and have fun! Pm me or reply with comments or input.




So I have an update. Finally got it running and had noticed that the O-rings seem to be leaking a bit on 2 of shocks. I have since used some thread tape on the shock bodies. I will report back with another update when I have more info. On another note, it has some serious suspension travel and I love it.

Welcome. Hope it helps.
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