Nero Upgrade Parts from Arrma

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The Arrma Nero looks pretty stout out of the box, but it looks like Arrma-RC has a few additional upgrade parts planned for the Arrma Nero BLX Monster Truck:
Looks like a nice selection of parts soon to come!
Hi all below the card of the upgrade parts:
What is the difference between the stock and heady duty universal joints? The material or design? Would like to know as I am going to order the nero soon and planning to have the best parts for it
The 1/10 aluminium upgrade parts were announced to be available in 2013 but we are still waiting for them.


and video link:

They released some of them but the rest are M.I.A.
Whats wrong with Granite upgraded parts? Sorry, I don't own a Granite and not sure what was the issue.

Oh I thought that the upgraded parts are junk. Most of the upgraded parts listed above are already available at towers
Okay, "deal chaser Steve" is going to drop it... ;) :rolleyes:
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
So, after dropping $800 on an RC and I still gotta get all those upgrades?!?! :confused: o_O
Silly question maybe.. but those parts Woodie listed, they are Nero specific yes? Not all 1/8 ARRMAs? Recently bought a Kraton and would love to upgrade whatever possible... Have broken a few parts (upper a arm, dogbone, shock springd..), and while ARRMA has been fantastic with warranty replacements for both this and my daughter's Granite, which we've had a few months and a few more broken parts on, if I can spend a few bucks and potentially avoid waiting for replacements I will.

Thank you!
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