New Arrma 1/8th ESC coming...

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Im happy i got warranty on mine waiting for some one to confirm its out. I just figured out what my bash esc will be.
Someone on the Arrma 1/8 fb page said warranty service told them the blx180 was discontinued and there would be a new blx185 ESC in the coming weeks/month. Then someone else found the page on tower hobbies for the new ESC is already up. No specs, but let's hope they worked out some of the issues

Nice! thank you for the information :) yesterday i wrote an email to Arrma and asked for some information :D i will let you know if they are telling me something important

Just some new goodies for the winter project

Here it is just fitting everything. Next bed lining bottom of chassis and new body. Went to 17 tooth pinion racers edge clich buster and tekno springs all around, changed diff oil weights in all to some heavier weight
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