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Just bought it today and broke in the engine. It's been a long time since I've had a R/C anything. Not looking for huge upgrades but I am looking for a better battery so I can run my fury longer but won't cause engine issues. Any suggestions?

Was thinking venom 2s 4000 Lipo battery.
If you've had RC cars before then I would probably go LiPo. I am going with NiMh for now because my son drives it 99% of the time and we are new to all of this.

If he is still into it 6 months for now then I will probably go LiPo.
@Amstar15 first and foremost welcome to Arrma Forum and congrats on your new Arrma Fury purchase!

One of the biggest difference maker upgrade (aside from brushed to brushless) you can purchase will be to move from a NiMH battery to LiPo battery and the Venom 4000mAh battery will be a nice upgrade indeed. Venom also has a 5,000mAh LiPo for a few more bucks that would buy you a bit more run time.

Another thread worth mentioning here would be the What's your "budget" LiPo of choice? - as there is plenty of recommendations from members on other brands as well.
Thank you for the heads up. How much run time are we talking? Is this something I want to get two batteries or would one work? Are there better Lipo chargers out there or are they pretty much the same?

Thanks again
I just bought these for my kid's stampedes...

On a whim I installed a traxxas connector on the ESC of my new Fury Mega and put one of these batteries in it. I had previously ran the stock 1800 mah nimh a couple of times, and was less than thrilled. With this battery, even the with the stock brushed motor, the Fury becomes a whole new little beast, pulling wheelies on my living room carpet.
You really like your fury. I use to bash nitro traxxas but I love my fury way better. I wasn't going to do a lot of upgrades either but I have already done alot. Kind of addictive. Have fun!!
Yeah, I'm putting a Revo 3.3 and a Slayer Pro back together to sell and pay for some more RC

@Amstar15, This is the charger I got, due to having 3 kid's trucks to keep going: It can balance charge 2 5000mah lipos in under an hour. One of those 5000mah batteries gives me 30-40 minutes of runtime on my mega fury.
I run a 5000 mAh Duratrax Onyx LiPo (DTXC1864) in my Fury and it'll go for a good 20-30 min on a single charge. I prefer the Star plug. It's a Dean's Ultra compatible connector that's a bit bigger so I can get my hands on it when un/plugging it in.
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